The future of web filtering in 2014

The Future of Web Filtering – 5 Hot Discussion Topics for 2014
The concept of filtering internet content has gathered momentum in recent times. The announcement by the UK Government to force ISPs to block Pornographic content represents a step-change in the ‘Content accessible for all’ premise of The Web.
Along with this development, here are some more topics which Blue Cirrus believes will ‘come to pass’ or at least justify column inches during 2014:

1. Internet Crusaders (iCrusaders to coin a term!) -Increased activism towards sites hosting inappropriate content
2. The rise of malware blackmail.
3. The spread of national Governments taking the Chinese approach to the web.
4. Explosion of ‘the internet of things’.
5. Back-to-basics web browsing (and what could be seen a legitimisation of the ‘dark web’).

We will cover each of these in detail over the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, we wish you the very best for 2014.

Neil Curran
Managing Director
Blue Cirrus Limited