McAfee Security – Its all we do.

100% focus on a single vendor…

….Its a bit odd isn’t it?

At Blue Cirrus we chose to side with the biggest player in the industry. In today’s IT world, size brings innovation, confidence and reassurance that the product you have purchased will not be swallowed up or discontinued by a struggling security vendor.

McAfee Inc are as big as they come. They are also owned by Intel. Couple this with the latest security threats hitting the headlines as well as the ones (worryingly) not hitting the headlines, and you have a partnership best-placed to protect users and systems from the latest threats – with the workforce to back those products up.

Blue Cirrus’ relationship with McAfee is reciprocal. A single focused partner brings added benefits of trust and commitment to the vendor – values which we demonstrate to our clients when discussing IT Security issues.

We look forward to working with you.

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